A UniFi® Network Console

No Browser Necessary

This is a small application that lets you access your UniFi® controller from a stand-alone application, no browser is necessary. You see no certificate errors, it's assumed you already know the certificate on your local UniFi controller is self-signed. Safari complains about the certificate and makes it difficult to access the controller, I'm not even sure Safari is supported. Chrome also complains about the certificate but lets you connect anyway. This applications 'fixes' these inconveniences.

On first launch the application will be asking for the IP address of your local UniFi controller. This should be the IP address of the controller on your local network, not a co-located or remote controller.

There are menu items that point to the Ubiquiti's support and community sites as well as Ubiquiti's web site and store.
There are also menu items which allow separate windows for UniFi's Network, Protect, Access, and Talk modules (these applications would need to be enabled in the controller to work).

I've been using this application for a bit and it appears to be working fine. Your milage may vary. My UniFi controller lives on a Cloud Key Gen2 Plus. I'm not aware of any reasons why this should not work for controllers hosted on platforms such as Raspberry Pi's (I have not tested those scenarios).

This is an Electron app. If you don't like Electron apps I understand. For now its a means to an end. Maybe I'll get around to writing a native app if there is enough of a demand. If you like this app consider making a small donation.

This application is not affiliated or endorsed by Ubiquiti Inc.

Privacy Policy

This application does not collect any information. However, if you access any of Ubiquiti web sites (community, support, store, or main web site) which are linked to from within this application, Ubiquiti and/or their partners may collect information which is beyond the control of this application. Please refer to their Privacy Policy.

Installation (Windows)

A Windows application is not available for download just yet. It's not too far off in the future but requires additional development time and testing.

Installation (macOS)

Download, uncompress the zip file and move the application to your Applications folder.