On the drawing board

School Management

This is an application, developed independently, that originated as an idea for a teacher to mange students and assignments. Very much like a grade book. It quickly expanded to include class subjects, teachers, students, class schedules, messaging, class rooms, attendance, etc. The whole project makes heavy use of AJAX calls but maintains a simple layout.


This is an experimental project to synchronize simple data between a Project Wonder EOF web application and an iOS CoreData application. Particular attention is payed to CoreData on the iOS side of the work.
The project may eventually utilize REST, JSON, and XML. This is a learn/practice application.

Live & Deployed

Q&A Database

This solution, developed for DynEd International, Inc. is a database of commonly issued experienced by end-users and addressed and resolved by technical support staff. Issues are organized into two different point-of-view categories (depending on the end-users perspective). Further they a tagged with platform, product, and keyword attributes. The free-form text of each issue can be translated into any language.

Document & Video Library

DynEd's documents and video library was first developed to provide software updates to end-users. This slowly migrated to providing downloadable manuals, product sheets, and other guides. Eventually, viewing videos was added. Documents and videos are added to the database with relationships to target audiences, categories, and language. Additional attributes includes revision dates and a password required flag. For videos the web application determines which video to provide to the end-user based on availability and browser compatibility.
The web application can be used as a service, via AJAX calls, to show documents and videos on other web sites like product pages and user portals.

Server Status

The Server Status app provides feed-back to end-users if servers are down or under maintenance. The status of servers is changed by the staff when logging in. Status states are available for servers - which controls status for all virtual sites on that particular server. Status states are available also for individual sites - one site may be available while another site is not, on that same server. All status changes are logged and can be reviewed at a later time. Additionally the application shows Skype status for staff currently on-call. This application was also developed for DynEd International, Inc.

Product Registration System

Older products sold by DynEd make use of registration codes. The web application developed for DynEd consists of an on-line three-way registration. Customers are provided an installation code, the product generates a confirmation code, which when entered into the product creates an registration code. Codes are created and confirmed by a proprietary Apache module. The application handles the communications with the Apache module via HTTP calls. The app composes the parameters for the initial installation code based on the licensed purchased by the end user. The web app also keeps track of given installation attempts preventing unlicensed installations. Any code can be traced back to a customer, licensed product(s), and sales agent.
An added twist to the application is downwards compatibility with older product installations when the registration system was based on FileMaker Pro.

Site Search Engine

This is a small project that indexs DynEd's web site. Of particular interest is that the solution uses a third party Java library that allows only certain parts of the HTML page to the indexed. This prevents finding every page in the database that matches search terms commonly found in header or footer of every page.

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