Résumé for Klaus Berkling

  I'm an well seasoned web application developer with experience working on large, internal and public facing mission critical solutions — utilizing different technologies as required.

I currently work for the U.S. Coast Guard maintaining one of their nation-wide project management applications for Surface Forces Logistics Center (SFLC).

Earlier I worked at a financial services company, I maintained a legacy web application and simultaneously migrated this same application to modern web frameworks and technologies. The project was cancelled at completion. During my tenure I received a positive employee review and merit pay increase.

I have spend a number of years working for an ESL (English as a second language) software company. Over the course of my 10 year tenure I created and maintained several web applications. These applications provided web services for students in multiple countries (Asia and Europe).

My projects are always highly specific/specialized towards unique business needs, most of my experience lies with C#/ASP.Net/MVC and before that with WebObjects/Java.

I'm continuing to write web applications/tools for organizations to manage members, events, and communications. I am also revitalizing OS X applications I have written in the past and hope to bring them to the App Store.

I’m fluent in German and English; and eligible to work in the European Union. I do not require sponsorship to work in the US.
  ASP.Net, C#, MVC, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, AJAX, JSON, XML, SQL, WebObjects/Java, HTTP, UNIX shell scripting, C/C++, Objective-C, Classic ASP, VBScript.
  Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Ubuntu (Linux)
  Visual Studio, Eclipse Java, Xcode, Ant, Git, TFS, SVN, Jenkins.
  Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS), Windows Server, Apache, MySQL, Mac OS X Server, Postfix, Bind (DNS).
  MySQL database maintenance, E-Mail servers; File servers; E-mail lists (mailing lists); Backup administration; Web server/site maintenance. Web application development. Name Servers. Watchguard Firebox firewalls, Nagios, SSH, VPN.
  Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook), FileMaker Pro, Pixelmator, Autodesk Graphic, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and others.
Work Experience
Web Application Developer Paulson Information Technologies, LLC. 2016-Present
  For the U.S. Coast Guard's Surface Forces Logistics Center (SFLC):
  • Maintenance, design changes, and new feature implementation for existing web based project management tools.
  • Manage git repository and build releases.
Web Application Developer Independent/Freelance. 2014-Present
  Development of custom web applications and revitalizing utility Apple OS X and iOS applications.
  • Organization member management, events, and communications web application.
  • Email migration utility allowing large mailbox migration of off-line or IMAP mailboxes.
  • Email spam reporting utility integrated with SpamCop.
  • BART fare calculator with geo-fencing and notifications for iOS.
Senior Web Developer Petz Enterprises, LLC, Tracy, California. 2014-2016
  Privately held software company specializing in consumer tax preparation software and other financial products.
  • Significantly improving maintainability, permitting future growth of 10-year legacy applications by migrating to modern OOP and MVC architecture pattern.
  • Maintaining same legacy applications code in production.
  • Configuration of IIS Windows 2012 web servers.
Web Application Developer,
Systems Administrator
DynEd International, Inc., Burlingame, California. 2002-2014
  DynEd is a multi-national software company producing English-as-a-Second-Language software applications for K-12 and professional English learners.
  • Instrumental in DynEd's development and deployment of the company's flag-ship records-keeping web application.
  • World-wide installation consists of servers in China, Mongolia, Vietnam, Turkey and the US.
  • Maintain all Internet services such as web, FTP, VPN, DNS, POP/IMAP and SMTP servers.
  • Create WebObjects applications such as events calendar, on-line documentation repository, Q&A database (multi-lingual), site search engine and server status dashboard.
Software Test Engineer Microsoft Corp., Redmond, Washington. 1998-2001
  Microsoft is a large technology company developing computer software and consumer electronics.
  • Took initiative to create web accessible test case database.
  • First to established web based multi-lingual support documents for other testers.
  • A major accomplishment and new to the organization was the creation of a web application showing release progress based on completed test cases.
  • Additional tasks include testing of Microsoft Systems Management Server 2.0. Functionality and foreign language testing. Testing on all major editions of Windows.
(First two years contract, became full-time Microsoft employee in Feb. 2000.)
System Administrator Blue World Communications, Inc., Bellevue, Washington. 1997-1998
  Blue World was a small software company primarily producing gateway tools between database applications such as FileMaker and web servers.
  • Administration of LAN & Internet connectivity.
  • Maintenance of several virtual web sites, mail and FTP servers, plus office workstations.
  • Maintenance of mailing lists in excess of 2500 subscribers.
  • UNIX administration.
Bachelor of Science Information Management and Technology, Syracuse University. Syracuse, New York.
  The School of Information Studies concentrates on teaching a mixture of business as well as technical aspects of information management.  
Software Development
Publications: Project Wonder Deployment Guide  
Languages: German, English  

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