exactBART! is designed to help you with the BART ticket fare structure and avoid tiny tickets or left over funds on your BART ticket. BART is the Bay Area Rapid Transport rail system in the San Francisco, California bay area.

I have a number of BART tickets on my desk. They all have micro funds on them: $0.25, $0.50, $0.10, etc. If you don't plan to use BART a whole lot and plan to leave the San Francisco bay area after a week or so (vacation, business trip, etc) you might end up with small amounts of funds on your BART ticket.

If you purchase your BART ticket with a credit card or debit card you can control exactly how much money you want on your BART ticket. If this amount is exactly the amount of funds for your final trip you will end up with no funds on your ticket; BART will take your empty ticket once you exit the system.

Hence exactBART!

This iPhone app is not affiliated with BART in anyway but here a couple of helpful links to BART:



Amount On Ticket:
This is the amount in your existing ticket. Leave empty or 0 if you're purchasing a new ticket.

Select Fare:
This is the amount BART charges for a ride between two stations. Prices are posted and also available on line as well as BART's schedule. There are no discounts on round trips. If you have network access you can tap this part to select a from and end BART station to look up the fare.

BART charges parking at some locations. Usually the amount is $1.00. This might change, make sure you read the signs in and around the BART stations.

The number of visits you plan to make. This multiplies the number trips. A trip is one ride or also one ride and the ride back.

Round Trip:
If you're making round trips. From one station to another and back.

Privacy Policy

exactBART! does not collect any personal information.

exactBART! does use information provided by BART. In order to calculate fares your origin and destination selection are passed to BART. For details on BART's privacy policy please view BART's policies.


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